The 4 Essential Photography Concepts You Must Know

These 4 photography concepts are fundamental to create great shots. If you do not know them well, you would not be able to capture an image like the pros.

Mega pixels

Mega pixels are the resolution or amount of pixels in millions you can capture with your camera. For instance, a digital camera of 3 mega pixels will store a maximum of 3 million pixels in a picture. The more mega pixels a camera has, the greater the resolution.

Focal length

Focal length refers to how much your camera can magnify a shot. You probably already have used focal length in your pictures. You usually press a button to make your lens longer or shorter. This greatly affects how your photograph is taken.


International Standard Organization or ISO refers to how much your camera is affected by light. For example, a digital camera with ISO 100 is not very sensitive to light. However, a camera with 400 ISO will give different effects to pictures in varying degrees of light. You want to choose a camera with around 200 to 400 ISO. This will help you create interesting image effects. The lower the ISO, the finer the grain in your photo.

Shutter Lag

Shutter lag is the delayed time between pressing the button to take a picture and the photograph being captured. This time is very short and goes unnoticed by most amateurs photographers. You should look for a camera that has little shutter lag. It can be very frustrating to find a great, trigger the shutter and end up with a totally different picture.